Hualin Essay: On Personal Quality

People lives  in the world, in order to make others think highly of him, in addition to good character, having a high personal quality is also very important. Of course, the character and the personal quality also have a certain relevance between them. In general, the people with a good character should also be relatively good in his personal quality.


On human nature, the so-called quality refers to the individual’s intelligence, ability and inner conservation, that is, the talent and moral strength, reflected in the behavior of individuals, which show grace, behavior training and education, as a personal charm. As a kind of stable attribute, the personal quality can play a long-term and lasting influence, even a decisive role  on people’s various behaviors

The personal quality is also a mark which distinguishes human beings from the beasts.. People of high personal quality have more human nature in behaviors; the ones with low quality tend to show the beast nature in their behaviors.

The personal quality  represents the a person’s identity,  represents a person’s dignity, represents a degree of recognition for him in public places. In the public society, a person with good quality, well behavior, peaceful attitude, calm, comity, respect for others, gentlemanly manner, no matter how this person inner world is , at least in the scene he is welcome, as  well as respected . On the other hand, if a person of poor quality, such as reckless, spitting and throw rubbish everywhere, unruly, arrogant, shouting around, he will be surely  unpopular, even disgusted of.

The quality of people, in addition to some congenital genetic factors, mainly results from the acquired environment, the acquired education, the acquired personality. In term of the growth environment, a well-nurtured family has a good family tutoring.The child who has be trained out from such family has higher general quality in adult. In society, a very low quality people, often be criticized as  being  lack of family tutoring, lack of upbringing!  Usually, as far as the educational level is mentioned, a person with higher level of education has a relative higher degree of civilization and personal qualities. In the intellectual group and in the more educated middle-class group, people’s behavior are relatively civilized, showing a higher personal quality. Of course, there are a handful of cases that some highly educated people have  low-quality which are exceptions. Even  in the circle of professors some individual cases of animal behavior and  very low personal qualify. Therefore, the study of a person’s quality, in addition to the factor of educational level, shall also depend on  their personal behaviors. Some people, although received less education,  they have higher emotional quotient and intelligent quotient.  In life, they will pay much attention to the cultivation of personal qualities, in public places, they will also show high personal quality. Some people, although have read a lot of books, if they  not pay attention to the personality cultivation, they will also show a very low panorama personal quality in public places, with more animal nature, less human nature.

In the world, there are all phenomena of human beings, quite a mixed bag, with the high quality people, as well as the low quality people. In the real life, occasionally you will encounter a few individual people with very low personal quality. I am a person who would not allowed the sand remain inside my eyes, I quite disgust the low-quality people. Sometimes, one  squirt or slag men without any personal quality appeared in front of you, which made you feel extreme nausea. This nausea feeling, like a fly flew into the mouth, you just wanted to spit out for little bit comfortable.. For the squirt or slag man without any quality, I am not willing to lay a straight glance  on him, even though  sometimes I had to be at ease to deal with such kind people, in my heart, he was extremely despised.

The people with low  quality and poor conduct tends to do evil, and does not repent. After having done the evil, he still feel at ease. In particular, some people low quality and bad conduct, even worse,  also has a low IQ, he  is not able to see the consequences of doing bad things, only has the impulse and desire as same as animal’s , referred as the animal desire driving conduct.

However, there will be the retribution for good and evil, as the heaven has got eyes. What people are doing, the God is looking at. The one who does evil has to fear of retribution. If he does not repent, he will be punished by the heaven.

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The Outline of Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology

Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology is localted in Dakawa, Mevomero,  Morogoro, Tanzania.
Since 2007, there has undertaken the construction task of bear the Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology in which the Chinese government has fund. The implementation institution has dispatched 11 experts to the demonstration center to to carry out the technical cooperation with Tanzanian agricultural experts in the fields of rice, corn, vegetables, banana tissue culture, layer farming, agricultural machinery and other aspects.
Since the start of technical cooperation, 190 new varieties have been tested and demonstrated, including 50 rice types, 60 maize types and 80 vegetable types, and have selected out nearly 20 varieties suitable for local popularization, and cultivated tissue culture banana plantlets of 7 varieties, maintained the demonstration number of raising egg-laying hens up to more than 10,000 pieces in site. Nearly 30 times of the technical training has been carried out with the concentrated training number of technical personnel and local farmers reached to nearly 1500 people. In the activities of science and technology entering village and households, have technically guided more than 2450 local farmers, 7 batches and 41 people of Tanzanian local university students have got training and guidance in the demonstration centre.
The demonstration center has carried out high-yield demonstration, especially hybrid rice high-yield demonstration, of more than 10,000 mu in production season in the local diversity of ecological zones, direct local farms and large farmers to achieve high production, and provided with technical guidance for 5000 mu of vegetable production, helped local farmers to solve the technical problems of agricultural production in farmers the Zanzibar Island, provide the local egg-laying hens farm with technical support for production, coordinated the corn production base and feed processing enterprises, provide a steady stream of raw materials to feed processing, and has made important contributions to effectively solve the Tanzania agricultural security.
Tanzanian government has attached great importance to the development of demonstration centers, the Tanzanian President and the Prime Minister have made special trips to inspect the demonstration center with their condolences to Chinese experts. The two countries have cooperated with each other, trained local qualified technical personnel, spread up arable farming technology, enhanced the image of the demonstration center, and formed a far-reaching international technological cooperation base. The centre has been approached for than more 50 times by technical exchanges, visits and cooperation and other kinds of visits from all over the world, including the experts from the World Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Rice Institute, research institutions of different countries, as well as ambassadors form some countries. The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania has consecutively awarded the title of ‘Public Diplomatic Unit’ to the demonstration center.
In order to extend the function of the demonstration center, to accelerate the promotion of new varieties and new technologies, to make the improved variety innovation to better serve the agricultural production, both Chinese side and Tanzanian side are making efforts to take the demonstration center as the core to promote the construction of Tanzanian agricultural science and technology industry demonstration park in cooperation with the local agricultural research institutions, agricultural universities and seed companies, agro-processing enterprises, in order to achieve the whole industry chain development including the improved variety innovation, the seed production base construction, the agricultural production base construction, the agricultural products processing base construction and the two-way trade.

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Tanzanian Culture: The Happy Faces of Tanzanian Pupils under the Compulsory Education

On August 16, 2016, after having launched the ceremony of the agricultural demonstration villages in Dakawa township, in order to carry out the preparatory work for the 5 demonstration villages projects, we visited the 5 villages one by one.

When we reached Milama village, we were just passing a village primary school. In Tanzania, many villages have got a small primary school. It was the time of recess, a group of students were standing in the playground outside the classroom.


When I saw this group of pupils from local primary school, I immediately pick up my iphone, patted photos of them in a long distance away. The group of pupils found us taking photos with camera or cell phone, they started to running over towards us, and they looked very cute. They were very fond of facing to the camera, by scrambling to put pose and show off in front of my iphone.



They stood together for a while to let me take a group photo; then approached and stood closer around my cell phone, faced close towards the iphone camera to show their faces.


They have given a variety of expressions in front of mobile phone lens. Especially, the close face photos belong to specific shows.


The most impressive thing was that the children here, the primary school pupils here, were always smiling in front of the camera lens. Their smile was very bright, very sunny. Their small faces, bit of black features, were laughing like black roses in full bloom. In the open laughing mouth, two rows of silver-like teeth exposed, with snow white color. Some child was in the stage of changing teeth. When he opened mouth to smile, it exposed a missed tooth, which showed the virginity.


Tanzanian natives, especially those in rural areas, are very simple by their very nature. They are naturally optimistic, carefree. When they meet strangers, they like smiling to show friendship, with their white teeth exposed. This feature is mostly shown in the local children, in the local primary school pupils.


Nowadays, Tanzanian children are happy. Except to some Maasai children who are grazing cattle and sheep, the vast majority of Tanzanian children have the chance to go school.


Primary and secondary schools in Tanzania are compulsory. The children at the age of 7-13 years old get education in primary school. The local schools take the seven-year primary education system, that is, from the first grade to seventh grade. Since 2002, primary school students have been exempted from tuition fees by the Tanzanian government, but parents have to pay some additional miscellaneous fees for their children in the school.


In 2008, 8.4 million children were enrolled in primary school in Tanzania. By estimate, the current enrollment data for children should be more than 10 million. According to the statistics in year 2010, the ratio of students with qualified teachers was 54: 1.


In 2010, all the students were taught in Swahili in 15,816 public primary schools except 8 public primary schools. As to the 551 private primary schools registered in the country, the students were taught in English in 539 private primary schools. The curricula of primary school include: Swahili, mathematics, natural sciences, geography, civil knowledge, history, English, vocational subjects, religion, information and communication technology, and sports, etc.


The students at grade 7 need to participate in and pass the graduation exam in order to get a diploma as well as to enter the secondary school. In 2009, only 49.4% of the students passed the exam among the 1 million students enrolled in the primary school graduation exam,. The rate of pass varied from region to region, with the figure being 69.8% in Dar es Salaam, compared to the 31.9 % in the remote Shinyanga. As far as the gender differences is concerned, the pass rate for boys was 55.6%, while the pass rate for girls was 43.2%. There were also differences between the subjects, the pass rate for Swahili language was the highest 69.1%, while the one for mathematics was the lowest 20.0%. No wonder that the local people were a little poor in mathematics. About 90.4% of the students who passed the primary school entrance exam entered the public secondary school.


As a result of the compulsory education in primary and secondary schools, 80% of all adults in Tanzania are literacy who have ability to read and write, and the literacy rate in Tanzania is higher than in other African countries.

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Video Display: Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology (1)

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Hualin Essay: Burn the West Sky with Red Flame like Sunset

In the Tanzanian inland rural areas such as at Dakawa, Morogoro, I often watch the sunset scene in the west skyline. Perhaps due to the middle-old age, perhaps due to the vicissitudes of life exper…

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Hualin Essay: Burn the West Sky with Red Flame like Sunset

In the Tanzanian inland rural areas such as at Dakawa, Morogoro, I often watch the sunset scene in the west skyline. Perhaps due to the middle-old age, perhaps due to the vicissitudes of life experience, nowadays, I will have a sense of inexplicable emotion when I see the magnificent sunset, the blood red sunset.


Having special attention to the sunset, I have shot photos of the sunset, written the essay on the sunset for countless times these years.


Every time when I saw the sunset, there would be the impulse for me to shoot photos of it. The scene of the sunset often makes people touched. As you can see, at the moment of dusk, the sun is setting in the west, with fantastic scenery, with poetic and picturesque impression.


Two days ago, near dusk time, across the paddy field and facing the chicken house in our demo centre, I took a group of landscape photos of the setting slowly towards the west mountain line. Examining this group of pictures, you can see the orange sunset, the blood-red halo, and the dark scene, reflected in the water of the paddy fields, very beautiful, they constitute a watercolor tone of the screen, by inducing out the inspiration of the impressionism school.


Ah, look at the screen of magnificent sunset, look at the colorful pink clouds, look at the fantasy intoxicating scenes, how can you not praise them? I used write a poetic sentence: the sunset is red at dusk; the west sky is beautiful with evening pink clouds.


People like the youth in their prime, like the morning sun in its vibrant state. Of course, people will also praise the sunset; they will say that sunset is infinite good. However, they will also add one comment: what a pity the sunset is near dusk. For the sunset, there is even harsher point of view, that is: the sun is setting down the west hill, with weak breath of dying. There is sadder poem which makes people cry: facing the sunset, the heartbroken traveler is isolated in the End of the World. Sunset, so sad! This situation can only be interpreted by Li Zhaoqing’s well-known graceful poem:

looking and seeking, stay lonely, desolately miserable.

At moment when it seems turn warm again but still cold, that is the most difficult for me to make my heart rest.

With two or three cups of light wine, how can I stand with the late coming strong wind?

The wild goose have passed and gone, what the saddest for me is that the birds are my old acquaintance.

The fallen chrysanthemums piled up everywhere, haggard loss, now which of them are worthy for picking?

Stay at the window, how black alone?

Indus leave are falling, even with the drizzle rain, bit by bit towards the dusk.

Faced with such situation, my feeling can only be interpreted by one word, how sad!’


Is the sunset scene really so sad? Actually, it is not all the case. In my opinion, it is not the case. Although I also like the morning sun at 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., also like the young people in their prime, also like the vibrant scene with all things awake at dawn, I still extraordinarily love the scenery of sunset.


Frankly speaking, I particularly appreciate the saying ‘the most beautiful thing is sunset red’. The color of sunset is of vicissitude red, of brilliant red, of tragic red. The red color, the sunset, gives such impression: the afterglow of sunset makes the west sky fully red, while the halo diffuses between the clouds.


As far as the sunset impression is concerned, people will describe in such way: at dusk, a sunset, bloody romance, issued its final flame; the entire west sky line is burning with fresh red hue.


The burning sun has painted a few brush of stunning color on the west sky. Looking at such a beautiful sunset, I can not help with my impulse of poetic writing:

At dusk,

in the twilight,

the sunset will be over,

with a dream of pink clouds.



When one sigh with the approaching old age, by watching the sunset down towards the west horizon, naturally, there will be a different kind of feelings a different kind of reverie in his thought. India poet Tagore said: ‘let our life be vivid as the gorgeous of summer flowers, our death be quiet as the beauty of autumn leaves.’ This is the realm of life; this is the true meaning of life.’ The western going sunset, so calm, so poignant, gives the same philosophy as the beauty of autumn leaves.


As to our middle old aged people, although we have the feeling that life be going to an end, although we are in the situation as if the evening will come soon, we shall still have the momentum of sunset, bursting out our final flame, emitting our final fervent, burn the western sky thoroughly with fresh red hue. We shall have the spirit of the famous Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms, he wrote in his poem:

Though the tortoise has a life, it still has an end;

the flying dragon show off in fog, finally he will turn into ashes.

The old horse lies at stable, still aiming at thousands of miles;

no matter the hero is old, his ambition is endless.

The period for win or loss, not only depends on the heaven; t

he blessing of health, makes one a long life.

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Hualin Essays: the Memories of the Cultural Revolution in my Childhood of Secondary School

Hualin Note: time moves like an edge, time flies as an arrow, our journey of life also goes  too fast. In an instant, I am about to retire. Really, the more one gets old age, the more he loves the memories of the past. This is because that each person has a innocent childhood, have a prime time of youth. For the things of childhood, even now you close your eyes, they are still vividly recalled, being very interesting. We are a group of people who went through a special era in our childhood and teenagers.  we were just  the students in the stage of primary or secondary school during he Cultural Revolution.

I started to go an junior high school called Hechuan No.7 Middle School in Hechuan, Chongqing  in the year of 1971. At that time the Cultural Revolution Fighting( Wudou) has just ended, I had graduated from primary school and had  waited for half a year or a year to get the chance of entering the junior high school, and  the school began in the Spring,  not like nowadays in Autumn. At that time, the primary school graduates from different years were put together in on grade of junior high school (just like the situation  of  the first college entrance examination after the Gang of Four fell down,  10 years of high school graduates squeeze together into the one grade of university), our grade had a total of more than 2000 students, divided into 20-30 classes with each class held 60-70 students . Because the school was crowded with so many students, the classrooms were not enough, every day students went school in two batches of classes, including the morning group and the afternoon group with weekly rotation. That is, in half-day we had class in school, in the other half-day we had self-study at home. This half-day study system went for about a year, afterwards, we had the whole day classes.

I was in the same class with my elder sister, and our class was called platoon1, company 5. At that time, the school’s class and grade took the unit system of ,the Red Guards. Our class teacher is Mr. Ran Longgu who taught us English. In the school entry registration, it was also required to write down in the form. We fill in the family origin a small land rental, the actual equivalent of the middle peasants. But some students in our class had misunderstood the small land rental as a small landlord.. At that time, the family origin as landlord could be very bad, for which my sister once quarreled with a classmate as he called us small landlord and she even burst into a sad cry.

Every morning, the first class was the ‘Read Every Day.’ What was ‘Read Every Day’? It was to read a paragraph of the Chairman Mao’s Quotations, or read a chapter of the Old Three Booklets. So, what were the Old Three Booklets’?  The Old Three Booklets were the Serving the People, the Commemoration on Bethune and the Foolish Old Man to Move the Mountains,all of which were written by Chairman Mao Zedong.

At that time there was a song singing: ‘Chairman Mao’s books, I love to read, thousands of times that I make effort to reed them  … …’ or sing: ‘Old Three Booklets’, not only the soldiers to learn, but also the cadres have to learn. Old Three Booklets is easy to read, but not really easy  to act according to it… … ‘

Those quotations songs, I do not know who is the composer of the songs, sang the same as sutra read. However, nowadays, I can still hum a few sentences of them. Yes, for the things one learnt in his teenage, the memory of the mind will keep them special long. I can still recite the beginning sentences of  the Old Three Booklets’. For example, the Serving the People begins with: ‘Our Communist Party and the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army led by the Communist Party are the revolutionary forces.` The Commemoration on Bethune begins with: ‘Comrade Bethune, a Canadian Communist, was more than 50 years old. In order to support the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan, dispatched by the Canadian Communist Party and the United States’ Communist Party, came to China from thousands of miles distance. Last spring, he came to Yan’an, and later went to work in Wutaishan area. … … ` And, the Foolish Old Man to Move the Mountains begins with: ‘Today we have held a very good general assembly, an united general assembly, a victorious general assembly. The general assembly has done three things, and so on. `

Oh, at the beginning of ‘Read Every Day’, all the people in the class had to stand up, each one waved a Red Book (Chairman Mao’s Quotations), rhythmically recitation: Our respect Chairman Mao, long live! Long live boundless! Our respect  Vice Chairman Lin, good health! Healthy and healthy, always healthy! At that time, there were one or two naughty students, privately whisper: Healthy and healthy, walk with the support by .a stick.


At that time, if choose who will be the activist for studying  Mao’s book, it must be  Vice-Chairman Lin. In my memory, there placed the photo of the bald headed Vice-Chairman Lin who were concentrating on reading Mao’s book in the show window of Guoguang photo studio in Hechuan, my home town. Every day, as I went to school, passing the photo studio, would see this photo. One day, the photo suddenly disappeared. Later, some adults said that Vice-Chairman Lin followed Chairman Mao too closely, even stepped on our Chairman’s heel, our Chairman got angry at Lin. Lin was intimidated, and led a group of his wife (Ye Qun), sitting the triad Kei (Trident) to escape, accidentally fell to his death on the back of a plague pig (Wendel Khan, Mongolia,  in Chinese it sounds like plague pig) . In a more humor case, an old woman told people that the Goddamned  Vice-Chairman Lin, whose skull supposed be cut off, dared to murder our respect Chairman Mao, and in the result, by retribution, he ate the flesh of plague pig and got trouble to be poisoned to dead. Since the death of Vice-Chairman Lin, it seemed that there was on longer the ceremony of the Read Every Day in our school.

Earlier, my sister studied with me in the same class, and later to transfer back to the school system of autumn, our grade was divided into two grades, namely, the grade of 1973 (the fast class) which graduated in July, 1973 and the grade of 1974 (the slow class) which graduated in July, 1974 At the first, both my sister and I were put into the fast class, because of our good scores in examination. However, my family had a strategic plan (in fact, it was out of the idea from teacher Li Dean). If the siblings studied in the same class, later, for the high school recommendation, between two of the siblings, only one could be recommended to the senior high school, it was not easy to handle. I was a the younger one, let me go down to study in the grade of 1974. Our class teacher was Zhang Dingcheng, who then taught politics, he was especially fond of me. That was because before the class division, my examination records were fairly good and he knew that. I still remember that once we had the physics test, the only 2 students of the whole grade had got 100 points, one of whom was me. Down to the slow class, it sounded like in the mountain there is no tiger, even the monkey can declare himself as the King, my scores in the examinaitons, of course, were at the top, which won the teachers’ favorite. I took many student cadre posts, such as the class member of study, the leader of Red Guards squadron,  the branch member of the Communist Youth League branch in our grade, etc.

During the Cultural Revolution, on May 7 of a year, exactly which year I could not remember, Chairman Mao issued the May 7 Instruction. A few words of the instruction, I can still remember now: it says:` the students are as the same, their main task is to study, but also learn something else, that is, not only to study the text in the school, but also to learn agriculture, to learn factory work, to learn military, also to criticize the bourgeoisie.’ As the students,  we have a lot labor work. We had one day of the labor work in every week. In each semester, there would be arranged for one month to learn factory work or learn farming. Of course, there was the activity to learn military, and sometimes in the midnight the school would arrange us to go night marches like soldiers, even went to  the mountain top of Tongliang Dong, Hechuan, to engage in special military exercises in purpose to catch spy. Now, I reckon, if there was a war then, we would be good soldiers in the battlefield, hehe! Learning factory work was to work in the North Gate machinery factory, Hechuan Agricultural Machinery Factory, the workshop of Chongqing Fourth Cotton Textile MIll, but also listened to the old workers recalled the bitter life in old world and the sweet life in new world and accused of the old society of evil, we did not know how much tears rolling down by that. At that time, it was also the period of ‘Prepare for the war,  prepare for the shortage, and for the people’ , we, the students,  also went to dig the air raid shelter from time to time.

Of course, most of our activities in the school were to learn farming. At that time, Hechuan seventh secondary school had a school-run farm in Jiufeng mountain, Shaxi, Hechuan. Actually, the Jiufeng Mountain is only hill type low mountain, although it was called a mountain, as its altitude is only 1000 meters high. I still remember that in the geography class, our geography teacher recited the text with the eunuch style of the sissy to us: ‘Altai Mountain, Qilian Mountain, …’ Some student mentioned the Jiufeng Mountain, and the old gentleman was shaking his head to reply back: ‘Jiufeng Mountain is not regarded as mountain, it is only hill. ‘ Amused by that, the students in the class  burst into laugh for a long time. The Jiufeng Mountain farm was the result of reclamation by our students one hoe after one digging. At that time, in the site, there were barren hills, full of jungle thickets, and later, we students built a farm there through land reclamation and terraced fields construction. Each semester we spent for 2-3 weeks in the farm. Firstly, did land reclamation, and then did farming. During the process of land reclamation, from time to time, one or two snakes were also killed. The biology teacher, Mr. Wang Can, taught us the basic knowledge of agricultural sciences in the site, such as the roots, the stems, the leaves, the flowers, the fruit and the seeds, etc.

We were only 13-14 years old. Digging land for reclamation would be better for us, but to hill side fields to do fertilization were the kind of reluctant ones.  For the matter of carrying the manure buckets, I also had a fool. At that time, I was only 12 years old. One day,  I worked together with another student and we carried  a bucket full of dung, by walking on the stone of the terraced field ridge, the field road was high and narrow, and roadbed stones were loose, unstable. We were carrying the manure barrel, swinging swing, the loose stone moved under my feet, and I fell down, the bucket of dung which we carried start to pour down onto my head and  the dung liquid poured over my whole body. I was really hurt, covered with manure, and even my ears were filled with fecal residue. I was helpless, wanted to cry but could not. Fortunately, my sister came to help, she took the water to let me take a bath, and washed my dirty clothes.

In Jiufeng mountain, it often rained. In the rainy day, we did not go out to work, and stay inside our dormitory. At that time, two students squeezed in one bed, and the sleep bed was incredible crowded. However, in the mountains,  still had some sorts of fun. Just after rain, it turned clear, we went out to collect mushrooms, very easy to collect. The mountain mushroom soup was very fresh and delicious, which might be the only food left in my memory during that period. In the mountains,  the water was with heavy alkali, by drinking it, people were easy to feel hungry (digestion strong). With hard physical labor work, we often felt having not eaten enough. Some students went to the local farmers’ house to ask for food (of course, by exchange or by purchase), although this actions were violation of school’s discipline, the stomach mattered more.

In addition to the regular labor work on the farm, from time to time, the class organized our students to send fertilizer from downtown to the school farm. From the downtown to the farm, there were  10-15 km of the journey to go, mostly walked on the little path, carrying two buckets of  dung, or bearing the burden of ash. Usually, went and return within the same day, that is, with heavy burden, walked on feet for 20-30 kilometers a day. I still remember that one time our class teacher led us to send manure to the school farm, on the half way, we felt a little tired. The teacher called everyone to sit down, took the Red Book out, and we started to study the Chairman Mao Quotations. Everyone read aloud:: ‘to be determined, not afraid of sacrifice, eliminate all difficulties, to win.’ After we read Mao’s Quotations for a while, we felt as if not tired. It seemed Chairman Mao’s Quotations was also the true spirit, hehe! (Perhaps it was because of the spirit victory law, perhaps we rest for a while, physically recovered, who knows).

Of course, on the way to the farm, sporadically, there were also fruit trees of  local farmers, such orange trees, plum trees, peach trees. Sometimes, we felt thirsty, picked by chance a few fruits to meet our thirst needs. Oh, of course, it depended on your luck, did not let yourself caught by the local farmers, otherwise it was not easy to say what would happen to you. Generally speak, when I went to send manure to the school farm, I would take a few buns as the dry food for lunch. On the road, some students felt hungry, ate up their dry food in earlier time. I did not like them, if I felt hungry, I kept in thinking: hold on, and walk more distance to get eat. After finished a distance of road, again reminded to myself to persist for a while and do not eat. So on and so on, I even forget to eat. As a result,  the buns I brought out  and got back without touching them. Actually, it was not worthwhile, for my stomach got loss.

In addition to the school-run farm, in the busy season, we had to go countryside to support agriculture. The most busy season was in May, the so-called ‘Red May’. In the May, with the weather of early summer, going to countryside was for our students as if the outing in nowadays, we were certainly happy. At that time, the main rush was to do double farming work, namely the wheat harvest and the paddy rice transplant. Our task of supporting agriculture is to help farmers cut wheat. We were singing along the way to the countryside: the captain said, tomorrow we will cut the wheat, if there is sufficient wheat, every one can get a lump of wheat.

Although it was in May, the weather had already got hot, as long as the sun went out during work, our whole body would be soaked by sweat. In the process of cutting wheat, I also often cut my hand. When my hand was cut,  it would bleed a lot. We would like use the local method to treat the injured hand, such as covered the hand with the white moss on the ground side rock. The white moss wrapped in the wound can stop bleeding, like Yunnan Baiyao ( White Medicine). The most fun was to eat fresh and tender rice in the farmer’s home. For our middle school students,  tired from work, the farmer house meal was really delicious.

Later, entered high school, studied in the Hechuan No.2 High School. The activity of supporting agriculture was still commonplace, only a bit more romance, because our students grew up,had got our own thoughts. The The most fruitful thing in our farming activity in high school was to transform the original hill place into a man-made small plain  by digging hard and hard. In years of 1975 and 1976, the major things we high school students to do were the “Countering the Rightist Reversing Wind”( the whole country was required to criticize Deng Xiaoping ), while learning the countryside example village Dazhai. In the period of high school, at least,  for a full half of the time in school was to do labor work to built artificial small plain. Every day looked lively at the scene of plain construction, loudspeakers broadcast songs and poems constantly, and sometimes we even did work at night lighted by oil lamp.

I still remember that, in our class, the students with poetry talent and music talent also took artificial plain construction project as the theme, engaged in composing a group of songs  called the Hymn to the  Artificial Plain Construction, a Little imitation of “Long March Songs”. The lyrics could not be remembered, as if in which there was a sentence of “Changing the Earth to victory”. The group of songs were a bit of a smart, later, our class had a performance of the songs in the show of Hechuan People’s Hall..

The artificial small plain we made in the Hechuan No.2 High School are also playing a useful role to date. However, It’s no longer the farmland, it becomes the soccer pitch in the campus of Hechuan High School.

All right, that is the writing on the things about my life during secondary school . To think about it, in term of the activities of learning factory work, learning farming, learning military and others , although they did waste our precious time for school study, in points of view by two sides, they also bring us  some pleasant memories in  our growth process. Meanwhile, in the process of practice, we also learned some things, which have given some help in our later life.

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