Hualin’s World View _ a Combination of the Chinese Culture with the Western Culture

Hualin’s World VIew  is  a website created by Prof. Chen Hualin. Through the combination the Chinese culture and the Western culture, Hualin’s World VIew  provides with the wide angle views on the world, focusing on Africa, with travel notes, personal essays, photos of true image, original and qualified articles of spiritual enjoyment.

Prof. Chen Hualin has bein in Tanzania for 8 years. He works as a Professor level l Research Fellow in floriculture in Vegetable & Flower Institute, Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chongqing, China.

Since March,1978, he had studied as an undergraduate student in the the Department of Horticulture,Sichuan Agriculture University for 4 years and got the degree of B.S.

After gruaduation from uni in Jan,1982, he worked as a research scientist in the Fruit Research Institute,Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. As a visiting scholar,he worked and studied at the Merbin Station,Division of Horticulture,CSIRO, Australia from Sept.,1988–Sept.,1989. During 1993-1996, he worked as a administrator at a Hongkong invested company in Lagos,Nigeria.He also worked as a technical manager in Chongqing Huangtian Agriculture Co.,Chongqing,China from 1999–2002, and in Macao invested Chongqing Ganges Fruit Co.Ltd.from 2004-2007. Since 2007, he has been working as a senior research scientist in floriculture in Vegetable & Flower Institute,Chonqqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Chongqing,China.

From June,2009 to now, he has been send to Tanzania to undertake an Agricultural Aid Project at Darkawa, Morogoro. Prof. Chen Hualin is a blogger lover, has written a lot of articles and essays with worldwide views, mostly, his experiences in Tanzania, as well as his opinions towards the real world.


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