Video Briefing:Chinese experts entered Milama village, Dakawa ward to carry out rice and maize demonstration works

On the 29th, 12th month in Chinese lunar calendar, a lot of Chinese people were on the way back home for the Chinese New Year. However, the Chinese experts Agricultural experts working in Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology were also on the road, but not on their way home, they were on the way to a local village.

On January 24, 2017, the three Chinese experts from Tanzanian Demonstration Center of China Agricultural Technology, in accompanied by an agricultural extension official from Dakawa Township, came to Milama village, Dakawa ward, Morogoro region to carry out the work of demonstration plots of rice and maize cultivation . The experts were in the implementation of Dakawa demonstration villages project by China agricultural technology in favor of Tanzania, Milama village is one of the five demonstration villages in the project.

In the Milama village, three experts met with the village leader, village agricultural technian and more than 10 representatives of local farmers, and went to the scene to observe and implement the rice, corn demonstration site plots. In the meeting with the villagers, the Chinese experts introduced to the villagers the demonstration village project, as well as the cultivation requirements for the rice and maize demonstration field.

As to the lack of water in the village, Chinese experts focused on how to solve the technical problems of rice and corn cultivation by using of rainy season, such as formation of land, enough base fertilizer, timely sowing, the use of short growth period varieties, with reservoirs for water conditions and other technical key points for cultivation.

The attached video can be regarded as the scene record of this rural activity by Chinese experts.

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