Newsletter in Video: The demonstration of Chinese technology promotes local Tanzanian farmers to do better farming

In order to give full play to the platform functions, the Chinese experts from Tanzanian Demonstration Center of China Agricultural Technology, through the cultivation demonstration and technology transferring,  promote Tanzanian local farmers to develop production. In the rainy season of 2016, the rice cultivation techniques and varieties from the Chinese demo centre were s successfully demonstrated at the Mituro Farm in the Rufiji district, Coast region. Rice, maize and vegetables were grown at the Mituro farm during the dry season for demonstration. The experts of the demo centre went to the farm for technical guidance. From the current situation, the demonstration cultivation of these types of crops in the dry  is progressing well, the vegetables, corn and rice are growing very nice.

The successful demonstration of China’s agricultural technology in Mituro Farm has greatly promoted the enthusiasm of local farmers in application of Chinese agricultural technology. They have organized themselves spontaneously and want to learn and apply the advanced agricultural technology from China through the form of farmers’ cooperative organizations, to carry out agricultural production,  Increase yield and income, make fortune. Mr. Mituro, a major grower in the Rufiji region, presented a name list booklet  of local farmers ‘cooperatives to the Center’ s experts and said that there were 2,900 people who were engaged in the farmer’s cooperative organization  in the Rufiji area, with an average of 2 to 3 acres per person. The Farmer Cooperative has 120 teams, each with 15-30 people.

During the course of technical extension, the experts from the Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology held talks with some farmer representatives of the cooperative organization in the farmland. They exchanged views on seed, technology, training and farm machinery needed by them.

The following video shows the field field performances of  vegetables, maize and rice grown in the dry season at the Mituro’s Farm, as well as the view exchange between Chinese agricultural experts and some farmers’ representatives.

Video 1: Demonstration of Chinese technology has promoted the Tanzanian local farmers to organize themselves to take the path of cooperation.



Video 2: Chinese corn variety Xinzhongyu 801 enters Tanzania farmer demonstration field




Video 3: Chinese Experts carried out the rice  cultivation demonstration in dry season for local farmers in Rufiji Region, Coast Region.

Video 4: Chinese technology and seeds have promoted Tanzanian farmers grow out beautiful vegetables.

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