Chinese Demo Centre Held Training Program for the Tanzanian Local University Students

In January, 2017, in combination of the Training Program for the Local University Students in Practice Stage initialed by the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania with the arrange of Mvomero district council, Morogoro region, there held the training activities for the students in practice from Dar es Salaam CANRE College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology. The group of students in practice includes 18 persons, guided by 2 officials from Dakawa Ward Council, Morogoro region.

During their first stage of practice in the demonstration centre, they had field practice activities in the subjects of rice cultivation technology, maize cultivation technology, vegetable cultivation technology, banana tissue culture technology and egg layer hens raising technology.  They have also attended the classroom lectures to learn about the research, experiments and demonstration results of the demonstration centre, meanwhile they have received training course of the paddy rice cultivation for high yield.

In the field practice activities and the classroom lectures, the students paid much attention to the subjects and listen to the Chinese experts very carefully. Meanwhile, during the training program, many students actively raised questions and got satisfactory explanations from the Chinese experts.  At the last part of the program, some students made speeches to show their gratitude to the Chinese experts in the demonstration centre for give their advanced technology lectures and field practice chance. They also said that they had learnt a lot from the practice program, the knowledge they had picked up in the demonstration centre would be very useful to their future jobs.

This is the first stage of the practice program, and in the beginning of February, when the demonstration centre prepare the paddy filed and nursery as well as sowing,  they will come here again to participate the second stage of the practice program.

Practice in paddy field


Practice in paddy rice mechanical harvest


Practice in the maize field


Practice in the maize field


Practice in the vegetable field


Practice in the banana tissue culture laboratory

Practice in the banana tissue culture laboratory

Practice in the banana tissue culture laboratory


Practice in mango orchard


Practice in tissue cultured banana orchard

Practice in egg layer hens raining house


Classroom lecture


Classroom lecture


Classroom lecture


Classroom lecture


After the classroom lecture, some students make speech


Group photo

Group photo

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