The Outline of Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology

Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology is localted in Dakawa, Mevomero,  Morogoro, Tanzania.
Since 2007, there has undertaken the construction task of bear the Tanzanian Demonstration Centre of China Agricultural Technology in which the Chinese government has fund. The implementation institution has dispatched 11 experts to the demonstration center to to carry out the technical cooperation with Tanzanian agricultural experts in the fields of rice, corn, vegetables, banana tissue culture, layer farming, agricultural machinery and other aspects.
Since the start of technical cooperation, 190 new varieties have been tested and demonstrated, including 50 rice types, 60 maize types and 80 vegetable types, and have selected out nearly 20 varieties suitable for local popularization, and cultivated tissue culture banana plantlets of 7 varieties, maintained the demonstration number of raising egg-laying hens up to more than 10,000 pieces in site. Nearly 30 times of the technical training has been carried out with the concentrated training number of technical personnel and local farmers reached to nearly 1500 people. In the activities of science and technology entering village and households, have technically guided more than 2450 local farmers, 7 batches and 41 people of Tanzanian local university students have got training and guidance in the demonstration centre.
The demonstration center has carried out high-yield demonstration, especially hybrid rice high-yield demonstration, of more than 10,000 mu in production season in the local diversity of ecological zones, direct local farms and large farmers to achieve high production, and provided with technical guidance for 5000 mu of vegetable production, helped local farmers to solve the technical problems of agricultural production in farmers the Zanzibar Island, provide the local egg-laying hens farm with technical support for production, coordinated the corn production base and feed processing enterprises, provide a steady stream of raw materials to feed processing, and has made important contributions to effectively solve the Tanzania agricultural security.
Tanzanian government has attached great importance to the development of demonstration centers, the Tanzanian President and the Prime Minister have made special trips to inspect the demonstration center with their condolences to Chinese experts. The two countries have cooperated with each other, trained local qualified technical personnel, spread up arable farming technology, enhanced the image of the demonstration center, and formed a far-reaching international technological cooperation base. The centre has been approached for than more 50 times by technical exchanges, visits and cooperation and other kinds of visits from all over the world, including the experts from the World Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Rice Institute, research institutions of different countries, as well as ambassadors form some countries. The Chinese Embassy in Tanzania has consecutively awarded the title of ‘Public Diplomatic Unit’ to the demonstration center.
In order to extend the function of the demonstration center, to accelerate the promotion of new varieties and new technologies, to make the improved variety innovation to better serve the agricultural production, both Chinese side and Tanzanian side are making efforts to take the demonstration center as the core to promote the construction of Tanzanian agricultural science and technology industry demonstration park in cooperation with the local agricultural research institutions, agricultural universities and seed companies, agro-processing enterprises, in order to achieve the whole industry chain development including the improved variety innovation, the seed production base construction, the agricultural production base construction, the agricultural products processing base construction and the two-way trade.

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  1. Bibi-Aisha says:

    Hello Prof. I’m a South African journalist, who’ll be travelling to Dakawa soon to report on how the agricultural training centres have benefited farmers. Is it possible to interview you while I’m there? Please contact me at bb (dot) aisha (AT) gmail (dot) com. Thanks


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