Hualin Essay: On Personal Quality

People lives  in the world, in order to make others think highly of him, in addition to good character, having a high personal quality is also very important. Of course, the character and the personal quality also have a certain relevance between them. In general, the people with a good character should also be relatively good in his personal quality.


On human nature, the so-called quality refers to the individual’s intelligence, ability and inner conservation, that is, the talent and moral strength, reflected in the behavior of individuals, which show grace, behavior training and education, as a personal charm. As a kind of stable attribute, the personal quality can play a long-term and lasting influence, even a decisive role  on people’s various behaviors

The personal quality is also a mark which distinguishes human beings from the beasts.. People of high personal quality have more human nature in behaviors; the ones with low quality tend to show the beast nature in their behaviors.

The personal quality  represents the a person’s identity,  represents a person’s dignity, represents a degree of recognition for him in public places. In the public society, a person with good quality, well behavior, peaceful attitude, calm, comity, respect for others, gentlemanly manner, no matter how this person inner world is , at least in the scene he is welcome, as  well as respected . On the other hand, if a person of poor quality, such as reckless, spitting and throw rubbish everywhere, unruly, arrogant, shouting around, he will be surely  unpopular, even disgusted of.

The quality of people, in addition to some congenital genetic factors, mainly results from the acquired environment, the acquired education, the acquired personality. In term of the growth environment, a well-nurtured family has a good family tutoring.The child who has be trained out from such family has higher general quality in adult. In society, a very low quality people, often be criticized as  being  lack of family tutoring, lack of upbringing!  Usually, as far as the educational level is mentioned, a person with higher level of education has a relative higher degree of civilization and personal qualities. In the intellectual group and in the more educated middle-class group, people’s behavior are relatively civilized, showing a higher personal quality. Of course, there are a handful of cases that some highly educated people have  low-quality which are exceptions. Even  in the circle of professors some individual cases of animal behavior and  very low personal qualify. Therefore, the study of a person’s quality, in addition to the factor of educational level, shall also depend on  their personal behaviors. Some people, although received less education,  they have higher emotional quotient and intelligent quotient.  In life, they will pay much attention to the cultivation of personal qualities, in public places, they will also show high personal quality. Some people, although have read a lot of books, if they  not pay attention to the personality cultivation, they will also show a very low panorama personal quality in public places, with more animal nature, less human nature.

In the world, there are all phenomena of human beings, quite a mixed bag, with the high quality people, as well as the low quality people. In the real life, occasionally you will encounter a few individual people with very low personal quality. I am a person who would not allowed the sand remain inside my eyes, I quite disgust the low-quality people. Sometimes, one  squirt or slag men without any personal quality appeared in front of you, which made you feel extreme nausea. This nausea feeling, like a fly flew into the mouth, you just wanted to spit out for little bit comfortable.. For the squirt or slag man without any quality, I am not willing to lay a straight glance  on him, even though  sometimes I had to be at ease to deal with such kind people, in my heart, he was extremely despised.

The people with low  quality and poor conduct tends to do evil, and does not repent. After having done the evil, he still feel at ease. In particular, some people low quality and bad conduct, even worse,  also has a low IQ, he  is not able to see the consequences of doing bad things, only has the impulse and desire as same as animal’s , referred as the animal desire driving conduct.

However, there will be the retribution for good and evil, as the heaven has got eyes. What people are doing, the God is looking at. The one who does evil has to fear of retribution. If he does not repent, he will be punished by the heaven.

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